Class Schedule

Morning Drop Off Reminders:

Parents that are dropping off in the front of the school (near main offices) should turn left to exit through the parking lot once they have dropped off their child.  Please do not go around the cones to travel down the hill to exit by bench area. Please observe all stop signs.

All parents dropping off students at the bench area should  stop at all stop signs before turning into the drop off lanes. 




Daily General Schedule


7:20 - 7:45     Breakfast Served in the Cafeteria.

All students should then proceed to the appropriate gym.

     K,1st, 6th, - Coach E's Gym

     2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th - Coach Mullins's Gym



7:45 A.M.   Students Dismissed to Classrooms


7:55 A.M.   Instructional Day Begins

 All students should be settled in classrooms. Teachers will began teaching at this time.

 Side entrance at the bench area will be closed and locked.


8:00 A.M.   Tardy Bell

All students arriving at this time or after should report to the main office. Students are expected to be in their room working by this time.  They should not be just entering the building or traveling in the hallways. 


2:50 P.M.  1st Dismissal Bell

All bus riders, daycare riders, and boys/girls club dismissed.


3:00 P.M.   2nd Dismissal Bell

All car riders and walkers dismissed.


3:15 P.M.  All remaining students sent to after school care and charged a fee.


      Special Note Regarding Dismissal - It is always best to travel through the carpool line during any day at dismissal and especially on rainy days.  This will allow all students and teachers to get familiar with the persons picking up your child.  Carpool lines will get their child called.  Crosswalk parents will not get names of students called.  Children will not see you standing in the rain at the crosswalk since most students remain inside during these messy days. Please be patient with us as we stand in the weather at dismissal, use the car pool lines, and be patient.  The child's health and safety is the number one priority.